About Us


About Us

Our Vision and Mission

The Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation is on a mission to positively impact the lives of others by increasing social engagement in Las Vegas, providing opportunity and access to disadvantaged youth and their families, and promoting educational and life goals.

Our Story


Throughout the course of our lives we don’t often think about the positive impact our words and actions can have on others and how far they can go. For Patrick Kelley (Pat), at the age of 30, it took one moment in March 2002 to end that opportunity for him. But in that moment, a whole series of events shifted, changing the social and cultural impact of Las Vegas and so many more places for years to come. His passion, his generosity, his positivity, his personality, and his smile brought together the people he directly touched and in his honor, The Patrick Kelley Youth Foundation (PKYF) was born.


Today, the personable qualities that Pat has been remembered by carries on through The Foundation. The ripple effects of the impact Pat had on this world has lead to local outreach for Las Vegas youth, families, and local organizations. His kindness and concern for others, especially youth, has lead to an infinite cycle of individuals who help others who then continue to help more people in our focus areas of college access, K – 12 educational support, advancing extracurricular opportunities and assistance to disadvantaged families. Like Pat’s contagious smile, PKYF seeks to infect the people we touch with positive local outreach and continuous care for others.

Our Values

We will act with the highest ethical standards.

We will set a good example for those who follow.

We believe knowledge is fundamental to success.

We will persevere in difficult times.

We will continuously try our best in all aspects of life.

About Patrick


Few of us are fortunate enough to meet someone who changes our outlook on life. Patrick Kelley was one of those rare people. There is a famous old Irish song called When Irish Eyes are Smiling, which is an ode to his life. He was a wonderful person. Beautiful in both stature and character. He enjoyed a love of life and lived it to the fullest. Those who knew him were fortunate, for they found a friend who was patient, steadfast and loyal. Everyone gravitated to Patrick for they could feel his unconditional love and support.

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