What PK Bike Day Means to Me Alida Glusman


26 Jun What PK Bike Day Means to Me Alida Glusman

I feel so proud to be involved with such an amazing charitable organization that assists and encourages children and families to reach their individual goals and dreams. One of my favorite things about PKYF is that it really brings family and friends together in a couple different ways. For those of us that knew Pat, its so fun to get together on PK Bike Day and celebrate him every year. He passed away on March 29th, 2002 so we honor him by scheduling Bike Day as close to this date as possible. I love the fact that when you attend and participate in Bike Day you are able to do so with your children. It was a challenge at first explaining to my children that the parking lot full of 200 shiny new bikes was not for them to choose one, but for a child who has probably never had brand new bike. Watching children learn to give selflessly by seeing all the parents out there volunteering and giving selflessly you just can’t explain that kind of proud. Attending the event is a fabulous way to actually see where your money goes and who it goes to, rather than just writing a check and never knowing if it really makes a difference. Meeting the children and assisting them in choosing a new bike and helmet is such a joy for our family. PK Bike Day also gives us a chance to get to know our scholarship recipients it is so rewarding hear how their lives are better because of what the foundation has been able to do.

PKYF gives us all a chance to celebrate Pat and do amazing things for others in his name. He would have been amazed and humbled to know PKYF exists because of him or maybe already does.

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