Prayers for Caleb

Prayers for Caleb

30 Dec Prayers for Caleb

 – A letter from one of our bike and gift card recipients.  –

Today, I was  shopping and there was a family in front of me checking out.  The daughter was wheelchair bound, missing her hair, and had her mouth and nose covered for fear of infection.  As I was pulling out my  card, I noticed the gift card that was given to our family along with our son’s new bicycle that he rides all the time now that he is healthy.  I saw the pain in the mother’s eyes as she carted her family around.  I passed the gift card on to them, which had over $100 on it.  I also gave them cash for a suitable tip.  Please take care of them the way we were taken care of when we brought our family in for dinner when our son was battling cancer.  We will never forget the love and generosity shown to us by the Piero’s family during my son’s fight!

Your Friend

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